What's the right way to put on a bra?

Each time you put on your bra, slip the straps over your shoulders, hold both ends and lean forward and let your breasts fill the cups. Straighten up and hook your bra in the middle set of hooks.

My bra cups wrinkle. Why?

If the cups of your bra wrinkle, it usually means your bra is too big. You may need a smaller size. Cups should contain each breast completely and fit smoothly.

Why does my bra ride up in the back?

If your bra rides up in the back, check the shoulder straps and adjust them to a comfortable length without having them cut into your shoulders. Also, try hooking your bra more snugly, so it fits better.

No matter what bra I choose, I bulge over the top and sides. Why does this happen?

If your breasts bulge over the top or sides of your bra it may be too small for you. Check to see if it's the right size by taking your measurements. Then, check the style of your bra. You may be more comfortable with a bra cut for a fuller shape.

Why do my bra straps slip off my shoulders?

If straps keep slipping off your shoulders, they may by too long, or the cups may be too big. If you're not filling out the top of the cup, your straps will slide down your shoulder. Try a smaller cup size.

My bra cuts into me when I move. Is it the wrong size?

If your bra is uncomfortable when you move, try hooking the back closure less tightly, or try the next larger band size.

It's hard to get the right size bra because one breast is larger than the other. What should I do?

If one breast is noticeably larger than the other, adjust the straps so the strap for the larger breast is looser than the smaller breast strap. Always fit the cup size to the fuller breast first.